New Adoption Form

Adoption Form

Here are some things you should know as you consider applying to adopt one of our wonderful dogs. We require a completed application, a home check, a vet check, and a paid $60 adoption fee prior to placement of any of our wonderful pets. In addition, you must sign a legally binding contract to have your dog neutered if you adopt an animal that is not old enough to have had this surgery prior to placement. This must be done at the owner's expense. We also insist that if for any reason you feel that you cannot keep your dog, you return it to us. You MAY NOT give the dog away OR surrender it to a shelter or pound.

In order to give your new pet a fair chance to adjust to life in your home, you will be expected to supervise the dog AT ALL TIMES for at least the first two weeks. This means that the dog will either be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult, or in a crate. Of course we expect that this level of supervision will not be required indefinitely, but it is YOUR JOB to insure that your new pet gets the guidance it needs to become a cherished member of your family from the first day it enters your home.

Your history with dogs:
I share my home with:
My dog will be around children:
My dog will spend the majority of his or her time:
My dog will need to be alone:
When I'm not at home, my dog will spend his or her time:
I want my dog to be:
The activity level in my home is usually:
The main ways I plan to exercise my dog will be:
Do you have experience training dogs to resolve or manage challenging behaviors?
I am interested in adopting a dog with special needs (medical or behavioral).