Cat Adoption Application

Cat Adoption Form

Here are some things you should know as you consider applying to adopt one of our wonderful cats. Like the vast majority of shelters and rescues, we do require a completed Adoption Form which is found here. It is helpful to us if you complete this prior to coming to the shelter to possibly adopt an animal, though that is not an absolute requirement. We also have hard copies at the shelter that can be completed when you visit, though it is possible that you will not be able to take the animal home with you if we need time to process the application. Filling out the application in advance makes it more likely that you will be able to take your new family member home with you the same day.

In addition, you must sign a legally binding contract to have your cat spayed/neutered if you adopt an animal that is not old enough to have had this surgery prior to placement. This must be done at the owner's expense though feel free to ask if we can help with the cost of the surgery. We also insist that if for any reason you feel that you cannot keep your cat, you return it to us. You MAY NOT give the cat away OR surrender it to a shelter or pound.

We have spent a great deal of time with our animals, handling them, observing them, and interacting with them. We do our best to socialize our cats that need it and keep them often for months encouraging them to become friendly and comfortable with people. Our dogs are walked and taken out for exercise in compatible groups almost every day. We know a lot about our animals and know their personalities well and can usually tell if a dog is going to be a good fit.

Payment of our $60 adoption fee is required prior to adoption. This will not be refunded if you decide not to keep the cat.

It is always a good idea to give your cat time to adjust in a small room like a bathroom or bedroom with a litter box and dry food and water at first. Offering them some wet food and using it to lure them closer to you if necessary during the adjustment period can really speed the process of becoming comfortable with new surroundings. It is normal for any cat to feel shy and hide for a period of time while it transitions to a new home, though there are some that will be ready to crawl right into your lap from day one!

Your history with cats:
I need my cat to get along with:
I consider my household to be:
I want my cat to interact with guests:
I want my cat to be:
I want my cat to adjust to new situations:
My cat will need to be alone each day:
When I’m home, I want my cat to be by my side or in my lap:
I want my cat to enjoy being held:
My cat will be:
If the cat I adopt scratches things inappropriately, I feel comfortable (please check all that apply):
I am interested in adopting a cat with special needs (medical or behavioral).
I would like to speak with an adoption counselor about:
I understand, payment of our $60 adoption fee is required prior to adoption. This will not be refunded if you decide not to keep the cat.