Chloe’s Story

Chloe is a sweet and gentle county shelter dog who has benefitted from the animal charity “Tommie Fund” donations. Her cataracts had her completely blind even at her relatively young age, and she was afraid to walk forward. Tommie’s Fund approved her 4k surgery and we took her to Powhatan County for the surgery, and again for a follow up exams.

She was a little champ through the surgery and can now see everything around her. In fact after the surgery, her little eyes followed our movements all evening, and she actually trots around the kennel!

Fortunately, we have a home lined up for her with a medical person who can give her insulin shots that she also requires. Tommie’s Fund does receive donations, but they also get a large chunk of money (over $100,000 each year) from specialized Virginia license plates. If you feel so moved, when you renew your plate, you might want to dedicate to this very worthy cause, which provides medical treatment for shelter animals. Click here for more information on Tommie Fund.